f a cat gets caught in a tree, you no longer need to call the fire department. Instead, just make a quick phone call to your nearest Michigan head coach.

It seems Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh will do just about anything to gain confidence in a high school recruit. When he is not sleeping over at a recruit’s home, running a football camp without a shirt on or being an epic troll God on Twitter, you might just find Harbaugh climbing a tree.

The setup is Harbaugh is in southern California on a recruiting trip to visit David Long, a four-star cornerback in Los Angeles who is believed to be leaning toward a commitment to the Wolverines over Washington. While playing a game of catch with Long and Long’s siblings in the street when, for whatever reason, the head coach of the Wolverines felt the urge to climb a tree. Long captured the even on his Snapchat, which made its way to Twitter.