For those wondering if Jim Calhoun sees himself in the race to be the next Boston College coach, he was definitive on Tuesday: He's not interested.

Those were his exact words: "I'm not interested."

Calhoun went on Chris Russo's show on SiriusXM's Mad Dog Sports Radio. You can hear his voice for context and tone in the audio clip below. Below, a transcription of his quote, following his "not interested" quip.

He does not shut the door on coaching again. You can tell in his voice that he's open to discussion. But that discussion seemingly no longer involves Boston College.

"Let me give you a little background to make everybody, not everybody, but just to, not clear the air but I don't want to get involved in anything with the tournament, with our team playing and all the other things and so on. But what happened is that when [our] good friend Doris Burke and then Andy Katz came over and they started talking, ‘Would you ever do it?' Yeah, I would. I would think about coaching but it has to be the perfect situation. I don't have to go hunting for a job. That's not really what I'm desiring to do.