When NBC's Tony Dungy speaks, NFL people listen.

The Super Bowl-winning coach-turned-TV analyst for "Football Night in America" may have put the nail in Rams coach Jeff Fisher's coffin for mishandling overall No. 1 pick Jared Goff. When Dungy was asked whether Fisher waited too long to start Goff this season, Dungy dropped the hammer. Fisher and the Rams "wasted" everybody's time by keeping Goff on the bench.

“I believe he did. You heard Jared Goff say, ‘We need to improve.’ He needs to improve. He’s the first pick in the draft. The only way he is going to improve is being on the field," said Dungy, who led the Colts to victory in Super Bowl XLI. "He has talent. He made some mistakes. He’s going to make mistakes, he’s a young player, but the only way you get through that is to play, and to me they should have had him in. They were not going to go to the playoffs with Case Keenum. To me, he needed to be in there. They were wasting time, wasting his time, on the bench.”

NBC's Rodney Harrison agreed with Dungy on Goff. “He has to get on the field," he said. "this team offensively was built for him to come in."

Fisher is only three losses away from the dubious achievement of becoming the losingest coach in NFL history. And with the Rams now back in Los Angeles, the heat will be on for them to acquire a high-profile, Hollywood coach.

Speculation will swirl around Jon Gruden of ESPN's "Monday Night Football."

ESPN declined to comment on Gruden possibly returning to coaching. But privately, those in Bristol say his name is bandied about so often the speculation is almost meaningless.

The former Super Bowl winning coach with the Buccaneers signed a long-term contract extension in 2014 that will keep him at ESPN through 2021. But as someone once told college football reporter Bruce Feldman, Gruden is the one of the all-time tire-kickers on possible NFL and college coaching jobs. You don't know if he'll get the itch to return to the sidelines.