Dustin Keller? No problem. Rob Gronkowski? Rob who?

To hear second-year Jet Quinton Coples tell it, the best tight ends in the AFC East won’t be a problem for him as he makes the switch from defensive end to outside linebacker this year.

“Dustin Keller? I wouldn’t let him get off the line,” Coples said. “That’s the best way to cover, ain’t it?”

But Coples didn’t stop with his former teammate, who is now on the Dolphins. He even said he has a plan to stop the Patriots’ Gronkowski, who has lit up the league for 38 TDs in his first three seasons.

“Yeah. Just don’t let him get off the line,” said Coples, before admitting that with Gronk, “I won’t just be one-on-one with him, I’ll have help.”

Functionally, Coples’ role will primarily stay the same: he’ll rush the passer on most plays. But now that the first-round draft pick (16th overall) in 2012 is standing up instead of having his hand in the dirt on all downs, he’ll have to diversify his skills. Coples, at 6-6, 285, said he sees his extra size as an advantage in coverage. Fellow OLB Antwan Barnes, by comparison, weighs in at 250 pounds.

Just how big is Coples? TE Hayden Smith, who sits next to him in the locker room, joked, “With Q over the top of you, you can’t see the sun. It’s all dark. You don’t know what’s going on.”