The Jets earned a win over the Coyotes but is Adam Pardy really a vampire?

For the first time in roughly a month, the Winnipeg Jets took to their home ice to host an NHL hockey game against the Phoenix Coyotes, one in which they would win 3-2 in a shootout.

I would love to tell you that I sat on my hands for the past three hours with bated breath anticipating each and every shot, hit and save, but I wasn't.

Truth be told, I really, really miss Olympic hockey. Gone are the days of superstars, all-stars and award winners garnering fourth line minutes, replaced with your typical run of the mill fourth liners. The do-or-die feeling you got with every game was replaced with a "meh, if they lose they have another twenty games to make it up".

It all felt blasé.

What ended up unfolding was an absolute slugfest as the Jets and Coyotes waged war on each other for sixty-five minutes without deciding a winner. They then went to a shootout.