He’s got an appetite for destruction.

Damon Harrison a mammoth defensive lineman for the Jets is making a name for himself on the football field but it’s his nickname — “Snacks” — that’s making Gang Green nation hungry for more.

“I hated it at first. Just being a bigger guy you’re kind of sensitive about your weight” Harrison told The Post. “So having the nickname Snacks and having everybody calling me Snacks I didn’t like it at first.
“But it’s growing on me now.”

Defensive-line coach Karl Dunbar first dubbed Harrison “Big Snacks” — a bit of reverse psychology to get the big man to lose weight.

To help drive his point home Dunbar would leave Rice Krispies treats on Harrison’s desk every meeting as a reminder to trim down.

But “Big Snack” had already been claimed as a nickname by ex-Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton so head coach Rex Ryan has taken to calling Harrison simply Snacks.

Either way it’s working. Harrison’s gone from 365 pounds to 333 since arriving last year as an undrafted free agent.

“I always thought if you eat less that will help you out more. But no it’s actually the opposite — the more you eat of smaller portions it’ll help you lose weight” he said.