The joint was jumping. There was a definite buzz. MTS Centre was so loud that at one point the players didn’t hear the linesman’s whistle on an offside call and it led to a scuffle.

It was, dare we say, just like the old days … of 2012.

The Jets talked Tuesday morning about giving their fans a reason to get involved, and they did just that on Tuesday night with a 5-2 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Jets improved to 13-11-2 and are tied with the New York Rangers for eighth place in the Eastern Conference. Interestingly, the Blueshirts will provide the opposition on Thursday night. And if the place is hopping like it was on Tuesday, the Jets might have a chance to start turning around their play at home.

There might have been more “Go Jets Go” chants on Tuesday night than there have been the entire season. There was plenty of extra-curricular activity after the whistle in the physical affair to keep the fans buzzing, too.

Evander Kane’s breakaway tally with 8:44 to go put the Jets up 4-1 and created a roar that hadn’t been heard at the downtown arena for quite some time. When Phil Kessel scored right after Blake Wheeler made it 5-1 later in the final frame, the fans chanted “Leafs still suck! Leafs still suck!” right on cue. They followed that up with “Let’s go Blue Jays!”

They even did the wave.

The whole night set the perfect tone for the Jets, who were 4-6 on home ice going into the game and will play 12 of their final 23 contests at MTS Centre. Now they just have to follow it up with more like Tuesday. Again. And again. And again.

“Playing on the road is tougher than playing at home, so we’ve established what we can do on the road,” said Wheeler, who scored his ninth and 10th goals of the season. “We’re a tough team to play against. We bring that home, and the sky’s the limit.”