The Jets’ first-round pick, safety Calvin Pryor, is already making plenty of waves at the team’s complex. Not only has coach Rex Ryan been impressed with what he’s seen from Pryor, but Pryor also made it clear he will continue to be a vocal, trash-talking presence on the field, even if he is a rookie.

“I’ve always been like that,” Pryor said of talking trash. “That’s the main reason I don’t wear a mouthpiece. When you’re out there, able to talk trash and get in guys’ heads, it affects their game a little bit. So that’s the main reason I do it. But it’s nothing personal against them. That’s just who I am as a football player. But outside of the field, I’m nothing like that.”

On the field, he said he likes saying things such as: “Come across the middle again and we’ll see what happens.”

Pryor spoke in the Jets’ locker room Saturday, the second day of the team’s three-day rookie mini camp. Moments earlier, Ryan had raved about Pryor in a press conference, complementing him for how quickly he has caught on.

“There’s going to be a lot of jerseys sold with Pryor’s name on the back, because I have a funny feeling he’s going to become one of the more popular Jets as this thing gets going,” Ryan said. “Smart, instinctive and is on top of it. It’s rare that it comes easy, and you can see it in there. The way he communicates, just everything. He has really been everything that we’ve wanted and then some. Really been impressed with him. I think he’d be probably the No. 1 guy that jumps out at me (from rookie mini camp so far).”

What in particular has Ryan liked about Pryor?

“How sharp he is,” Ryan said. “Today, in seven-on-seven, he could’ve had three great shots (to make hits). He’s so instinctive. A guy can be a big hitter, but if you don’t have instincts or you don’t have awareness, a lot of times it’s wasted, unless a (receiver) is right there on your track. But this guy, he sees it happening and he’s got great pattern recognition and he also has an ability to time things. I think that’s what puts him in position to make those hits.”

Pryor has long been a hard hitter. But he also likes using his mouth on the field to affect opponents.

“When you’re able to talk trash and you go out there and make plays and hit guys hard, it’s just kind of an intimidation factor: ‘This guy, he means what he says and he’s ready to play,’” Pryor said. “It’s just all fun and games for the most part.”

He doesn’t plan to start slowly with his outspokenness as a rookie.

“With me being a rookie, that doesn’t mean anything,” he said. “I am who I am. I’m going to talk trash. I’m going to be myself. People who don’t like it are just going to have to get used to it.”