It already has been a good week for Antonio Cromartie.

Despite being limited in practice, he said he will be “as fresh as possible” for Sunday’s game. He’s also happy about the news Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston will not be charged after an investigation into accusations of sexual battery.

“I was happy for him,” said Cromartie, who played at Florida State. “For the program and where it’s going, it just speaks volumes. He’s a redshirt freshman that’s up for the Heisman [Trophy]. I’m just glad it worked in the best favor for him and didn’t turn things around. He is the leader of our team and our offense. I’m happy for him and happy for our program.”

Cromartie is just as upbeat about the Jets despite a three-game losing streak that has them at 5-7 heading into Sunday’s game against the Raiders (4-8) at MetLife Stadium. Maybe it was the 12-foot tall air-pumped Santa Claus in the middle of the locker room that raised spirits or maybe it is the opening to the final month of the regular season.

The Jets can’t dwell on the past, Cromartie said. The focus should be on the future.

“The attitude has been great and guys are excited,” the cornerback said. “We have another week to play football again. We’re playing against the Oakland Raiders and that’s why guys are focused in. There’s no reason for guys to hang their heads low or walk around with bad body language or anything like that. It’s a work day. As long as the season’s going, there’s a job to do every single week. That’s how guys are approaching it. We’re coming out and having fun.”