The Winnipeg Jets are a team that doesn’t like being bitten.

If you score on them, they’ll fire right back at you.

Never was that more evident than on Tuesday night, when they Jets fell behind 3-1 to the Nashville Predators late in the second period, only to bounce back with two goals in the next 1:22 to tie the game. They ended up losing 4-3, but there are statistical indications that back up the belief the Jets are playing with more confidence.

The Jets scoring quickly after the opponent is nothing new. Eight times they have responded within five minutes of an opponent’s tally in the eight games under new head coach Paul Maurice. In the last eight games of head coach Claude Noel’s tenure, the Jets also scored eight goals within five minutes of an opposition marker.

There is, however, a big difference between the two eight-game spans. Under Noel the Jets might have responded quickly, but they allowed goals in big bunches. Under Maurice, the opposition will get one goal — and that’s it.

Seven times in Noel’s final eight games the Jets let their opponent score two goals or more in a row. Boston and Columbus both scored four consecutive goals against Winnipeg. The Jets have allowed two goals or more in a row only twice under Maurice’s watch, which says a ton about their resiliency.

They may not always score immediately after giving one up, but good luck getting that second one against them.