The picture to the right would have been better than what we got at Jets’ training camp yesterday. At least Dee Milliner would have been around the team to take in practice and learn a bit by watching.

But that is not what we got ladies and gentlemen. What we got as something we are all too familiar with. We had a cornerback holding out for his contract. Dee Milliner first round choice from Alabama was a no-show yesterday choosing to hold out and work out on his own while his contract is being negotiated.

I don’t care if he is working on his own. Earth to Dee Milliner: bad idea! Get to New Jersey and get here ASAP.

First of all this is not the reputation you want following you around. I don’t think ANY player would want to have this type of reputation but ESPECIALLY a rookie. Yes I understand that he played in a pro-style defense at Alabama but that means nothing to me. As a rookie you want the reputation of a guy that is going to come into the league and get the job done. Come to your team and learn everything you need to learn and leave the contract out of it.