Life without The Captain will continue at least until the All-Star break for the New York Yankees.

A jolt? Sure. But it shouldn’t set off a bout of pinstripe panic.

The news of Derek Jeter’s setback on Thursday was hardly surprising given his lack of progress since first reporting discomfort in his surgically repaired left ankle in mid-March. Although the organization had refused to use the word “setback” before Thursday, it was clear Jeter wasn’t close to making his 2013 debut.

The immediate reaction—and the one the Yankees surely would have employed in past years—would be to explore the trade market for a shortstop. (I envision the late George Steinbrenner trying to coerce the Colorado Rockies into dealing Troy Tulowitzki.). But Brian Cashman, the general manager of these new fiscally responsible and much more levelheaded Yankees, indicated the team will continue to address Jeter’s absence internally, with Eduardo Nunez getting most of the playing time.

"We're going to stay as we are. Those guys have done a nice job," Cashman told reporters. "I'm happy with (Jayson Nix) and I'm happy with (Eduardo Nunez), but I would be happier with Derek."

Cashman has kept his cool, and the rest of the organization will do likewise. But just in case the fan base and the baseball world must be convinced …