Time is often the enemy in baseball.

Young players rush through plays in the field and their at-bats, but when you truly begin to understand the game, you make time your friend. You make the most of it.

That is a lesson Eduardo Nunez is learning now that he has been thrust into the shortstop spotlight with time running out on Derek Jeter’s recovery from a fractured left ankle. Jeter is not close to being ready for Opening Day, so Nunez will be the Yankee on the spot come Monday on April Fool’s Day in the season opener.

This is the Eduardo Nunez Show for now.

Nunez is having a solid spring. He has worked hard on improving his fielding and throwing, shortening his arm action under the guidance of infield instructor Mick Kelleher, but he is also learning to take his time on plays.

In a recent game a slow roller was hit to short and Nunez deftly came in, gloved the ball and made a perfect off-balance throw to first, the signature play Jeter has been making his entire career.

To make that play there has been a mental adjustment made by Nunez. Sometimes that is more difficult to learn than a physical change.

“No rush,’’ Nunez told The Post with a smile. “That is so important. Like in practice, take your time. I don’t try to do too much no more. Sometimes, that’s why I get myself in trouble, I try to do too much.’’

Nunez will turn 26 in June. He has been bounced around like a basketball by the Yankees in an effort to get him playing time — second, third and the outfield, making 28 errors along the way.