Derek Jeter stood in an imaginary bullpen batter’s box as Andy Pettitte and Phil Hughes threw yesterday at Fenway Park.

Jeter said it was to get timing on pitches while on the disabled list. To the Yankees, who lost to the Red Sox 8-7 in 11 innings, the question is when does Jeter step into a real batter’s box and play a game? He is eligible to come off the DL Saturday.

“I come here and get my treatment. I understand it takes time and I can’t play until Saturday anyway,’’ said Jeter, who explained he feels nothing in the right quad though he hasn’t been cleared to run or jog yet. “There is no reason to run the bases. I see no reason to sit around and dissect it. I do what I am told.’’

Asked about the quad, Jeter said: “I don’t feel anything, nothing. Is there anything better than nothing?”

According to Joe Girardi, Jeter has increased his conditioning program, but the manager doesn’t know when he will get the shortstop back.

“He is doing more conditioning, but he isn’t running yet. He is taking some swings in the cage. I don’t think he is taking ground balls or anything of that nature,’’ Girardi said. “He is taking swings in the cage, so that is further along than when we left.’’

As for Jeter playing Saturday, Girardi was evasive.

“I guess anything is possible. I am not sure. Obviously, the biggest hurdle he would have to clear is running,’’ Girardi said. “I wouldn’t rule it out, but I wouldn’t say 100 percent he will be back [Saturday].’’

* When David Phelps comes off the DL the question is where the right-hander lands. Does he reclaim the spot in the rotation he had before being shelved with a strained right forearm? Or, with Ivan Nova pitching well, does Phelps come back as a reliever?