Derek Jeter took batting practice on the field yesterday for the first time since going on the disabled list with a strained right calf but after a season filled with injuries and setbacks he knows he doesn’t have much say in where he goes from there.

“At this point do you think I have any input into anything that goes on around here?” Jeter said of his numerous issues coming back from a surgically repaired left ankle but not ruling out a return on Sunday in Boston. “I would like to but it’s up to them.”

Jeter still hasn’t run the bases although he did jog in the outfield before yesterday’s 14-7 win over the Angels. He is scheduled to go to the team’s minor league complex in Tampa to continue his rehab tomorrow.

He still may need to play in rehab games prior to his return — even though he doesn’t believe that.

“I always think I can jump back in” said Jeter who has suffered calf and quad injuries since returning from his fractured left ankle. “I did it last time. But I get it. If they want me to go play somewhere I’ll play somewhere. I’m not really in a power position at this point.”