Jerry Remy, the popular longtime Red Sox television analyst and former second baseman, announced during a recorded interview on NESN Wednesday night that he recently had been treated for a relapse of lung cancer.

"A little thing bubbled up and they thought it was time to do a biopsy on it, and the biopsy came out positive,'' said Remy during a sit-down interview with studio host Tom Caron. "So I was diagnosed again with cancer."

Remy, 61, first had surgery in November 2008 to remove a cancerous area from a lung.
He said this cancer is in a different spot in his lung than before. It was discovered during his six-month CAT scan in January. Remy said the spot had been biopsied previously. The first time came out negative about a year ago. This time it was positive.

"It's a spot that they've been closely watching since the original operation,'' said Remy, a longtime smoker. "I always had that kind of feeling like there might have been something else there and it finally showed up on a CAT scan."

Remy traveled back to Boston from spring training in Fort Myers in March to receive radiation treatment at Mass General Hospital. There were no side effects, he said, and he returned to work within a matter of days.

"And right now I'm fine,'' he said. "I always told the fans of New England I would be honest with them if things health-wise with me were not great. I know the last couple of years I've missed some games not because of this, but because of regular colds, bronchitis, whatever it may be, and I always told the fans that I'd be honest with them and what I'd gone through. Last time I had cancer and depression. This time I've been diagnosed with cancer, but it's under control.''