Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones looked good sitting in a plush leather recliner on his shiny new $2 million bus outside the Marriott Hotel.

And he feels good about the coaching and philosophical changes made since the Cowboys’ season-ending loss at Washington, resulting in a second consecutive 8-8 season and third straight year out of the playoffs.

But don’t describe Jones or the current state of the Cowboys, who have one playoff win and a bad-to-middling record over the last 15 years, as comfortable.

Jones said the Cowboys are “in a rut that is akin to lying dead in a coffin.”

While he remains confident in coach Jason Garrett and hopeful that things will improve in 2013, the coach is on notice that Jones’ patience has run out and the time to win is now.

“I think we have changed,” Jones said. “I’m positive and I feel good we have changed. I feel good where this thing sits right now. I’m not in a good mood. I’m not in a bad mood, but I’m sure not up here celebrating.