On what he liked about the Cowboys' draft:

This was a very unique draft for interior offensive linemen. You had I think eight or nine go there before we picked – I may be wrong by one or two, but still – you would think once there was a run, you had a run. And what made that unique is that we very much needed to come out of here with an interior offensive lineman that we could count on as far as really giving us space, giving us some protection in there particularly the pass rush. I think we got him. When we traded down there to 31, there wasn’t a lot of action trying to get us on down from 31. But that’s not the excuse. The real excuse is that I wasn’t really ready to take that gamble and wanted to go ahead and take Frederick there.

On B.W. Webb:

Certainly, one of the players that Gil [Brandt] noted to me when I was out at practice… B.W. Webb, the corner that we got in the fourth round, we basically really liked what we saw of him this weekend. He’s got such confidence… He really did show the skills and the quickness and really comes in as a real, legitimate candidate to come in and compete for a lot of playing time, especially in our money packages.