Jerry Colangelo helped draft Steve Nash in 1996, helped woo him back to Phoenix in 2004 and would have no problem helping him again even as the competition.

Colangelo, the USA Basketball chairman, supported the selection of Nash to be the Canada Basketball men's national team's general manager and pledged to provide any support Nash seeks. In his introductory press conference Tuesday, Nash said that he would seek the counsel of Colangelo and plans to model USA basketball's structure were revealed.

"It's a great selection just because of what he's expressed in national pride himself," Colangelo said. "I'm happy to help him. I did that for Hockey Canada too. Nothing is rocket science but it's execution. Everyone has a good idea of how they'd like to get things done but the difference is the execution and the stick-to-it-iveness. He's starting over so that's a good opportunity to build it from scratch. I can share lot of things for building blocks.