In one of the most entertaining games of the year, Jeremy Lin and a three point barrage propelled the Rockets to a dominating victory over the Golden State Warriors, with Lin's 28 points leading the way in a 140-109 game. But it was not Lin that was the biggest story on Tuesday night, but rather the record-tying 23 three pointers that the Rockets poured on the Warriors.

From the start, this one seemed headed for a shootout. The Rockets made 14 three pointers on their way to a 77 point first half, and Golden State seemed content with the status quo of an all-offense matchup. When the teams came back after the half, the Rockets kept going with the shooting, and they pulled the starters with a few minutes left for them to try and break the NBA record.

What transpired was one of the most bizarre and entertaining finishes you'll ever see in a 30 point blowout. With the Rockets sitting on 23 made three pointers with 3:41 remaining, the Warriors took to guarding the three point line exclusively and conceding anything inside the arc. Patrick Beverley slammed one all over the Warriors and drew a technical foul for taunting, and then the chippiness began.