Tyson Chandler greeted Jeremy Lin with not one, but two hard fouls. Lin kept coming. Raymond Felton tried his best to attack and put Lin on the defensive, but in the end the only damage Felton caused was to his own shooting percentage.

Even the crowd, which cheered Lin's introduction, tried to unnerve him with boos. None of it worked. Madison Square Garden still brings out the best in the 24-year-old undrafted point guard out of Harvard and for the second time this season Lin and the Houston Rockets brought out the absolute worst in the Knicks.

"They played great," Mike Woodson said, "and we played awful."

Linsanity was back at MSG on Monday as the Rockets made a mockery of the Knicks' defense by beating Woodson's shorthanded and lethargic club, 109-96. The results were surprisingly similar to Lin's breakout season last year with the Knicks. Lin was at the top his game, especially with neither Carmelo Anthony nor Amar'e Stoudemire playing.

"He had a good game, without a doubt," Felton said. "I never talk junk about Jeremy. Everything I say about Jeremy, I feel like he deserves everything he got. He had a good game, plain and simple."

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