Jeremy Lin, in a wide-ranging interview with Will Leitch for a cover story in the current issue of GQ, said "doesn't know much about Houston" and that even the Rockets "thought I was going to be a Knick."

A few excerpts from the interview:

Jeremy Lin on his miracle season last year:

"I'd be a huge liar if I told myself, 'I knew I could do that.' You know what I mean? That's not realistic. Let's just be honest. I had no idea I could play like that. It was as amazing to me as it was to everybody else."

…on the Houston Rockets:

"The Rockets thought I was going to be a Knick," Linsays. "They told me when I signed there, 'We think it's an 80 to 95 percent chance of that happening.' That was consistent with what everyone was saying to me."

Lin says he doesn't know more than a couple of people on the Rockets and that he doesn't "know much about Houston, I'm not going to lie." He confesses this with obvious sadness.

…on whether or not he would have done things differently when exploring free agency:

"I might have been a lot more reserved about everything in free agency," he says—the implication being that he wouldn't have sought out the offers. "But the thing about it is, there was no other way to handle the situation. I didn't get an offer from the Knicks, so I had to go test my market."