It wasn't Linsanity that got the Knicks Friday night but rather their unwillingness to defend, rebound and, above all else, maintain their composure.

From a Knicks perspective, the attitude was insane and the performance embarrassing in every way imaginable. Unless, of course, you consider it sound fundamental basketball for Carmelo Anthony to allow Patrick Patterson a clear path to the basket because the Knicks forward is too busy arguing with referee Curtis Blair.

"Tonight," Anthony said, "was a good old-fashioned (butt) kicking."R

Chalk one up for Jeremy Lin, whose Houston Rockets left the Knicks in complete disarray throughout their 131-103 victory. The Knicks' first two-game losing streak was well-earned as Mike Woodson's team failed to make a commitment to defense during its two games in Texas.

Think of it this way. Someone named Chandler Parsons scored 26 points — in the first half!

"They beat us in every way you can beat a team," Woodson said after his team fell to 8-3. "I know you can have games like this over the course of the year, but this is unacceptable. An awful, awful performance on our part."

Parsons finished with 31, and James Harden, an unstoppable force, added 33 on 15 shots while going 16-for-16 from the foul line. Anthony, who again was upset about his inability to draw calls, went 2-for-2 from the line in 35 minutes. "Maybe I have to do a better job with not getting so frustrated," said Anthony, who led the Knicks with 37 points. "Just accept the fact that this is the way it's going to be."