Jeremy Jacobs is the billionaire owner of the Boston Bruins—and a bully, and a jerk. As one of the leading forces behind the NHL lockout, he generally added to his reputation, even after the sides agreed on a new CBA.

Jacobs also loves horses—specifically, the equestrian scene enveloping the ultra-rich Florida community where he keeps his family estate. He loves horses so much, in fact, that he spearheaded more than $625,000 in donations to a political campaign largely over the construction specs of a dressage complex.

Dressage, for the hoi polloi, is sort of like horse-dancing. Remember Rafalca? Of course you remember Rafalca. He has beautiful fur and a gorgeous mane, and is owned by Ann Romney and competed (badly) at the 2012 Olympics.

Anyway, that $625,000 changed hands while Jacobs and the NHL were gearing up for a lockout that centered on cutting player salaries. It also, according to a must-read piece in Boston Magazine, ensnared Wellington, Fla., in what amounts to a personal disagreement.

The battle, in short, is between Jacobs' family and a Boston entrepreneur named Mark Bellissimo. Bellissimo is relatively new to the local equestrian scene dominated by Jacobs since the 1970s. In 2006, Bellissimo purchased the International Equestrian Center and increased its profile and profitability—part of that was bringing in high-end sponsors like Hermes, and part of it was catering to a crowd that was, bluntly, too poor for Jacobs' taste. From the story: