few days ago, Bill Petti and Jeff Zimmerman did a two-part series introducing Edge% at Fangraphs. In it, they explained how pitchers that work to the edges of the strike zone see batters make less contact and get more swings on pitches out of the strike zone. They also found a positive correlation between Edge% and a pitcher's percentage of runners stranded on base (LOB%) of 0.13. They found that pitchers in the top ten percent of Edge% had an average LOB% 1.4 percentage points higher than the pitchers in the bottom 25 percent of the data pool.

Earlier this off-season, we learned that Hellickson is one of the few pitchers in recent history to strand at least 80 percent of his baserunners in back-to-back seasons and will attempt to become the first pitcher to do it in three consecutive seasons in 2013. According to the data set that Jeff Zimmerman used, there were 118 pitchers that threw at least 2000 pitches in in 2012 and Hellickson had the 56th highest Edge% of that group. However, he did have the second-fewest amount of pitches in the heart of the strike zone (28%) as well as the fifth-highest percentage of pitches thrown outside of the strike zone (57%). Compare those rates to 2011 when Hellickson found the heart of the strike zone 33 percent of the time and was out of the zone 51 percent of the time.