John Jenkins had enough of the pain.
The guard is out for Thursday night’s game against the Cavaliers with nerve pain in his leg that could be related to his recent back problems. The wheels have been set in motion to get to the bottom of what is causing the pain. Jenkins said he, his agent and Hawks general manager Danny Ferry are discussing the next course of action.
Here is an exclusive interview Jenkins did with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution prior to Thursday’s game.
Q. Is it the same injury to your back?
A. My back is fine. It’s a pain going down my leg. It’s irritating. It’s uncomfortable. I’m dealing with that. I’ll probably get another epidural soon. I’m weighing my options on what I need to do to eliminate this thing forever. It’s been too long. It’s been preventing me from playing the way I need to be playing. I’m trying to play on it, play through it. It’s time to just get it out of the way forever. My agent, Billy Duffy, and the team, (general manager) Danny Ferry, are working on whatever they have to do to end this thing forever.
My back feels great. It’s just the pain going down my leg. It’s a nerve. That is not a good feeling at all. It’s down my leg and I can feel it when I stand up or bend down. I had it once already this year but I took a medicine pack and it went away. It came back on me. Hopefully, this is the last time I have to deal with this.
Q. Is surgery an option?
A. Possibly but we are trying to avoid that. If it has to come to that, I would have to do it. Whatever it takes to get it done with forever, I’m doing it. I don’t think right now that is in the discussion.