If you believe Jeff Ireland is the source of everything that is evil in the world, the origin for whatever you hate about the Dolphins, the reason South Florida's NFL franchise will never be relevant again, then stop reading.

Going beyond this point requires objectively, fairness, and a fresh start for Ireland, who has been attached to the forgettable, nightmarish runaway train known as the Bill Parcells' era of the Dolphins.

Back in January Ireland promised there was "a plan," and warned that Dolphins fans would be excited about what the team did with $44 million in cap space, and 11 draft picks.

So far, nearly three weeks into free agency, and three weeks before the start of the NFL draft, Ireland deserves a round of applause for delivering excitement, filling needs, and remaining fiscally responsible with the team's spending.

The Dolphins have added or retained three former Pro Bowl players in receiver Mike Wallace, cornerback Brent Grimes and defensive tackle Randy Starks.