The perception is that Green has been "passive" too often. His contract value and on-court demeanor have fueled the notion that he isn't performing his role as he should. I believe the more pertinent question is whether a player is capable of playing with more consistency given the role that Jeff Green has performed for this team.

Before we begin, a little explanation of the graphics below may be necessary. Borrowing from my good friend Kirk Goldsberry's "spacials" concept, I've broken down Green's performance into three sets of 10 games. Within each graphic are details of shot totals based on three spacial shot ranges: Close/Mid/Long range shooting. The shot totals and percentage of total shots in each spacial range are displayed below a new concept that I am introducing for the first time - that of consistency of performance, or "Player Consistency Rating" as I've coined it.

The PCR values displayed below indicate a progression toward a much higher frequency of quality performances from close range. Looking at the distribution of shots by play type one can see a trend toward offensive "touches" that favor Green's greatest strengths.