One day after their brief bench squabble was caught on camera during the Celtics’ loss to Atlanta Tuesday afternoon, Jeff Green and Brandon Bass both followed the natural course and downplayed the incident.

The situation, which came after both players were pulled from the game in the third quarter, was intense enough that Celtics assistant coach Jay Larranaga stepped in between and told Green to step away.Green then stood for a prolonged period at the end of the Celtics bench watching the game.

Both players, along with fellow starter Jared Sullinger, stayed on the bench the rest of the way because of their ineffective play.

But arguments are part of the game, according to Green.

“It was miscommunication, that’s all,” Green said after yesterday’s practice. “We both want to win, and we get frustrated with the process. It wasn’t anything big. We’re trying to figure out a way to win, and like on any team you’re going to bump heads. We had a miscommunication and you guys saw it, that’s it. It happens on every team. It probably happens more than you know.”

Asked about standing at the end of the bench with his hands on his hips in apparent anger, Green said, “I was just standing there. I didn’t want to sit down because it was cold, and I would have got tight. It wasn’t me trying to distance myself from anybody. Don’t read too much into that.”

Bass was equally dismissive of the moment.

“It wasn’t a big deal, a small thing,” he said. “It happens. It’s happened plenty of times to everybody, all the time. But it wasn’t a big thing. That was easy to correct.”

Celtics coach Brad Stevens now expects both players to move on. He has no reason to doubt that they will.

“I didn’t lose any sleep over it,” he said. “Anybody who has been on a team knows that those things happen. I would be concerned if it didn’t involve two good people. Jeff Green is a great person, and Brandon Bass is a great person. Both of them have acknowledged it was a little thing, and they’ve both moved on.