This might surprise you.

There is strong commiseration from one player in the Royals’ clubhouse for those who slammed the club for trading mega-prospect Wil Myers in December to Tampa Bay because it left no viable alternative to Jeff Francoeur in right field.

That player is Jeff Francoeur.

“The criticism this offseason,” he said, “when we traded Wil — why the heck did we do that? — I sit there and say, ‘As a fan, looking from the outside, I’d lead that criticism.’ For fans, looking from the outside, I don’t blame them.

“I had a terrible year. Last year was so disappointing for me in so many different ways. First, obviously, the team and the way we performed after having expectations. Then myself. I just never did it. Never.”

This shouldn’t surprise you.

Francoeur is vowing a big comeback year after sabermetricians — and fans — dubbed him the worst everyday player in baseball.

“The thing that keeps me positive,” he said, “is I know I’ve had good years. I’ve hit 30 home runs. I’ve driven in 100 runs. I’ve hit .290. I know I can do it. It’s a matter, for me, of being able to be consistent.