The St. Louis Rams defense struggled to stop the Falcons explosive offense in St. Louis' 31-24 loss to Atlanta on Sunday. However according to Rams coach Jeff Fisher his defense wasn't the only group that struggled on the field the officiating crew did too.

Fisher said on Tuesday that he believes his team was flagged at least five times in the game where the refs made the incorrect call. The Rams were penalized a total of seven times for 53 yards against Atlanta.

"We were penalized seven times in the game; in my opinion we should have been penalized twice" Fisher said via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "I was upset after the ballgame but watching the tape those are incorrect calls."

There was one specific call that really rubbed Fisher the wrong way. In the first quarter Rams defensive end Chris Long was called for defensive offsides even though it appeared Falcons right tackle Lester Holmes had moved first.

"It was not a defensive offsides; it's like false start 101" Fisher said. "You've got a third-and-12 and we're called offsides so we now we have a third-and-7 and they convert. If it's called correctly you have a third-and-17. Third-and-17's are hard to convert. We would most likely have a three-and-out and get the ball back. Instead they go down and score on their first drive."