Drafting got a whole lot easier for the Jazz on Thursday, if you ask me.

They should pick Wiggins and A.K.

How hard is that?

The Jazz checked out six players in their pre-draft workout and it couldn’t have gone better. Everyone showed up. Some struggled with the altitude, a few shot poorly, others lacked strength. But that’s standard. Workouts like Thursday’s aren’t designed to find the player they’ll select with their No. 5 pick. They’re for checking into whom they should take with the 23rd and 35th picks.

For me it’s a no-brainer.

You take the foreign guy, Artem Klimenko, because he has the same initials as another Russian guy the Jazz drafted long ago. They could call him AK-47.2 or AK-48. And you take Nick Wiggins because you don’t want to be the team that passes on any Wiggins, even if he's only the brother of this year’s draft darling.

Joking aside, Jazz scouting boss Walt Perrin calls the 7-foot, 242-pound Klimenko “a very intriguing player.” Intriguing enough that I went to Zions Bank Basketball Center to check him out. I wanted to know exactly what he knew about Andrei Kirilenko, who spent 10 years with the Jazz. I was disappointed. No deltoid-to-deltoid dragon tattoo on his back. No Mohawk, Fonz, pageboy, mullet or grunge haircut.

“He doesn’t like that stuff,” said his interpreter when asked about revolving haircuts.

And there was certainly no Russian pop-star wife.

Asked if he knew who Masha Lopatova was, he shook his head and — in one of the few things he said in English — Klimenko replied, “I don’t know.”

“He doesn’t know that much about her,” the interpreter elaborated.

Realistically, everyone’s looking for a 7-footer with potential. Perrin admitted interest, but added, “He needs to get stronger, especially the upper body.”

Perrin went on to call him “intriguing for the future.”

For the present, he’s just another European player who doesn’t love the weight room.