Regardless of what grades the Jazz receive from NBA Draft experts, they'll always have the endorsement of someone who's described in a news release as His Excellency.

Namik Tan credited the Jazz with "a very wise selection" of center Enes Kanter. And if Turkey's ambassador to the United States is mildly biased, so what?

The Jazz finally have someone who will look and act like a genuine NBA center. While there are unknowns about Kanter, considering he turned 19 only last month and never played a minute of college basketball, the measurable numbers speak in his favor: 6-foot-11, 259 pounds.

"He's talented," said Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin, "and he's a big guy that plays big, so I like that about him."

Corbin should know. In a private workout in Chicago this month, the ex-NBA forward tested his own 6-6 frame and undisclosed weight in one-on-one drills with Kanter.

"Just trying to resist him a little bit," Corbin said. "I don't think I weigh enough to hold him back. [But] we got a legitimate gauge of how he comes into the post. He's strong. I mean, he's a big, young fella and he know how to use his strength and his weight. … For his age, I thought he was pretty advanced."

Unlike fellow Turk and future teammate Mehmet Okur, whose chief skill is outside shooting, Kanter plays like a traditional center, running the floor and demanding the ball on the blocks.

He's promising to bring "toughness, post moves and rebounding" to a team that needs such stuff.