The Jazz hustled, defended, shared the ball, made shots and generally acted interested Monday night in a performance that could only make everyone wonder: Where have these guys been lately?

Or, viewed another way, where were the Philadelphia 76ers when the Jazz needed them?

With some cooperation from the other guys, the Jazz broke a four-game losing streak and enhanced their playoff chances with a 107-91 victory at EnergySolutions Arena.

"We didn’t play down to our competition … that’s a good sign," said Gordon Hayward, one of eight players who scored nine or more points.

Basically, this is what it’s supposed to look like in Jazzland.

Actually, this is what it did look like five weeks ago.

In mid-February, the Jazz topped Golden State 115-101 in their last game prior to the NBA trade deadline — which becomes significant in this discussion, somehow.

Pinpointing when this season went wrong is easy. Why it went wrong is much more complicated.