R.A. Dickey on Opening Night. Brandon Morrow for Game 2. Mark Buehrle for Game 3, Josh Johnson for Game 4 and Ricky Romero for Game 5.

That is what John Gibbons told the Blue Jays season ticket holder audience at the Rogers Centre on February 5th at the annual State of the Franchise event. A yearly gathering of fans and media alike, it gave the Blue Jays organization a platform to both connect with their fans on a personal level, as well as address their concerns. While it was expected to be a little easier going based on the pre-selected questions by the staff, there were some tough questions that did get answered.

A season ticket holder flat out said that Colby Rasmus‘ bat was terrible, and asked Gibbons if he sees him as the starting centre fielder, or if Anthony Gose will come up soon to replace him (Gibbons said Rasmus was here to stay for the most part). Another asked when the Blue Jays will install grass in the Rogers Centre (Beeston replied with “Our resolve is to put grass in [Rogers Centre]“). Multiple people asked if the Blue Jays would raise ticket prices (they’re expected to stay the same for a few years if a lot of people show up to the stadium). Other than learning Josh Johnson was going to be the team’s #4 starter and that Izturis is no longer guaranteed to start at second base, there was no big bombshell of new information that came from the event.