The sun was nowhere to be seen Thursday and eavestroughs carved puddles into the gravel at rainy Florida Auto Exchange Stadium by early afternoon.

Of course, most Blue Jays players had left by then.

While there is a spring plan to build for the regular season, a newcomer might be forgiven for thinking the early days of baseball pre-season are like daycare for pro athletes. Where else can you go to work and have your choice of two kinds of bubble gum (Double Bubble and Bazooka) plus an array of sunflower seeds — including a dill pickle variety?

Still, it was a good day’s work for pitchers Casey Janssen and Ricky Romero.

Both threw from the practice mound, taking another step in their comeback from off-season surgery.

For rehabbing pitchers, making it to the mound only comes after seemingly endless tossing sessions on level ground.

“It was fun to be on a mound and throwing downhill again,” said Janssen, a reliever who had shoulder surgery in November.