Long an accomplished big-league pitcher Darren Oliver entered into new territory Friday when his first foray into the movie industry hit the big screen.

The Toronto Blue Jays reliever is an investor in “Jobs” a biopic about late Apple founder Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher and he appears in the film credits. Producer Mark Hulme a friend with whom he’s made previous investments pitched Oliver the idea in the spring of 2011 during his first camp with the Jays.

“I was like ‘I’m in dude’” Oliver recalled Friday. “We’d invested in some stuff before and it worked out well. The guy’s got the Midas touch man.

“Mark is smart he’s 100 per cent I always say if he’s willing to invest as much as you or more that’s my kind of investment. Not sweat equity but greenback equity because if something doesn’t happen he’s got as much to lose as me. Usually when that happens they make sure it works.”

Oliver didn’t get to enjoy many of the perks of being an investor as the film was shot during the season so he couldn’t visit the set and he missed the premiere in Los Angeles this week while the Blue Jays were hosting the Boston Red Sox.

He had hoped to make a cameo in the film but the timing never worked out.

“I could have been in the background shuffling papers or something” Oliver lamented with a grin.

Buying into projects isn’t anything new for Oliver although the movie industry is a bit more exciting than some of the property deals he’s invested in previously. He has yet to see “Jobs” which has received mixed reviews but plans to buy a ticket to it Monday during an off-day in New York.

“This one I’m watching for multiple reasons” he said. “You want it to do well you’re reading the reviews on the internet you get mad when somebody says something bad about it kind of like when you’re pitching and you get a bad review about yourself it’s like that. You take it personal.

“I’m not really worried about the critics. We’ll see how the opening weekend goes that’s what I’m really worried about.”