It was a precautionary measure.

Sergio Santos, expected to be the Blue Jays' closer when the team breaks camp on March 31, felt soreness in his triceps after Sunday's one inning outing against the Phillies. On Monday, he underwent an MRI.

"If it was up to me I wouldn't have even gotten an x-ray but it's the powers that be that want you to do it," said Santos. "It took all of 40 minutes and it put their concerns to ease. I knew I was fine, I could have picked up a ball and threw it (Tuesday.) We're trying to learn from our mistakes from last year; me personally, trying to push it and keep going. I'll take my two or three days now as opposed to have it lingering or even get worse."

Santos felt fine immediately after Sunday's outing, said so to the assembled media at the time, and the triceps pain didn't develop until later in the evening.

The Blue Jays don't want a repeat of 2012 when, fresh off acquiring Santos from the White Sox and signing him to a lucrative three-year deal that could stretch to six years with team options, the closer went down in April with a sore shoulder and eventually had surgery.