Never mind "Oh say can you see" ... as the canned U.S. anthem was played on Tuesday night.

How about the answer to Jose Bautista can you swing?

The answer is no.

Bautista has not swung a bat since Wednesday in Seattle when he experienced discomfort and now he's headed for a second MRI test by Dr. Douglas Carlin in an effort to determine the cause of the pain.

The way the Jays season has been going can anyone anticipate good news?

Manager John Farrell told reporters an appointment for Bautista had not been scheduled but would take place with Dr. Carlin, a Tampa Bay hand specialist before the Jays left town.

"Jose is still complaining of soreness in one small area," Farrell said. "There's a suggestion of a follow-up MRI to compare it to the original MRI."

Once the comparisons are made doctors will decide the next step.