Fight night was the topic of conversation of the day.

The fight, of course, happened to be the brawl between Mexico and Canada in a wild contest Saturday night in the World Baseball Classic, a game that the Canucks eventually won 10-3.

While understanding the motivation of all sides concerned, the feeling in the Blue Jays clubhouse was that ninth-inning bunt by Chris Robinson leading off the inning with his team up 9-3 went against the spirit of the game, baseball’s unwritten code.

“It’s unfortunate that it happened. But it’s baseball and that stuff is going to happen every now and then,” said Jose Bautista, whose highlight of Saturday’s action was the Dominican Republic’s 6-3 victory over Spain.

When asked if Canada was on the right path by trying to pile up the score due to the rules of the WBC and eventual tiebreakers, Bautista wasn’t moved.

“I don’t buy that, not at all,” the slugger said. “I’m saying I’m not buying the fact that teams are bunting when they are up by six because of the rules of the WBC. I believe in the unwritten rules of the game and that they should be respected, that it’s a code amongst players and everybody that plays baseball higher than Little League knows what that is. There’s no excuse and that’s it.”

In other words, he’s saying that Robinson should have been swinging away to get a hit and not drop one down the third base line.

“I’m not his manager so I’m not telling him what to do,” Bautista said. “I just thought it was uncalled for, what he did, especially after having two bad slides to second base too (Robinson took out the second baseman twice in the game on hard slides). That’s just my personal opinion.”