The naysayers and prognosticators of doom are no doubt dancing with delight what with the tweaked rib cage suffered by Brett Lawrie on Wednesday.

The Blue Jays young third baseman will be lost for two to three weeks the Jays predicts but as any ‘nattering nabob of negativism’ can tell you, that could be just the tip of the iceberg, the first sign of another apocalypse descending on the Blue Jays.

Before you can say ‘Is that really John Gibbons or am I seeing things’ the two-to-three weeks could become six to eight and what then?

In the event that Lawrie is out longer than anticipated, and if you want to get into full crisis mode with a little over three weeks left on the spring training schedule, just who are the candidates that can man the position?

The Jays have repeatedly made the claim they are taking their best team north and are putting their best team on the field and if that’s the case, then if they need a third baseman for the opening six weeks of the season, why not take a look at using Jose Bautista. It’s not as if they haven’t tapped that well before.