When his boss first urged him to use Twitter to promote the Mets, Jay Horwitz, the club's media director, figured he'd draw from 34 years of experience to try to entertain fans.

Then he and Jeff Wilpon, the team's COO, devised a way to help a friend and colleague, too. Wilpon bet the 67-year-old Horwitz that he couldn't get to 10,000 followers on the social media website on his first day, which was last Friday. If Horwitz did, Wilpon and the Mets Foundation would donate $10,000 to Horwitz's favorite cause.

Horwitz knew where he wanted the money to go — Hope Shines for Shannon, which seeks to help defray medical costs for Shannon Forde, a member of Horwitz's staff. Forde is fighting Stage 4 breast cancer.

Horwitz went over 10,000 followers at 11 p.m. last Friday, winning the bet. Monday, Wilpon called him to his office and Horwitz collected the check, which was made out to Hope Shines for Shannon.

"That was my driving force to do this," Horwitz said. "Jeff did a nice thing. I have been in the 19th Century with this Twitter stuff and Jeff has been on me to do it. I'm old-fashioned and I said, 'I've got to get with the program.'"