You can call Jay Bruce "Mr. May," and in this case it is complimentary.

Bruce continued his spectacular month by going 3-for-4 with a triple, home run and three RBI Monday night, as the Reds beat Milwaukee 7-3 at Great American Ball Park.

The term "Mr. May" once was used as a slight by former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner against Dave Winfield, a future Hall of Famer. Steinbrenner, who believed Winfield was not producing enough in the clutch, indicated he'd rather have a Mr. October (a la Reggie Jackson) than "Mr. May" Winfield.

In Bruce's case, May has included 12 homers, 32 RBI and a .346 batting average. The Reds record for homers in a calendar month is 14, held by Frank Robinson (August 1962) and Greg Vaughn (September 1999).

"It just shows his potential, what he can do," Reds manager Dusty Baker said. "His concentration is great, his balance is excellent and he's keeping his head still. It's really nice to see him swinging great."

A Memorial Day crowd of 21,564 watched the Reds break a two-game losing streak, after a 2-8 road trip. The Reds (28-27), third in the NL Central race, picked up a game apiece on leader St. Louis and second-place Milwaukee. St. Louis leads the Brewers by 2½ games, with the Reds now four games out.

Bruce, occasionlly prone to chasing bad pitches, said he has worked extensively on his approach at the plate.

"I've been making better decisions, which is the one of the big things," Bruce said. "It's cliché and all that, but it's the truth. Swing at pitches you want to swing at and don't swing at the pitches they're trying to get you to chase, and you're going to have a lot easier time up there."

Bruce hit 20 homers in each of his first three Reds seasons (2008-10), and 30-plus seems realistic for this year.