Overlooked somewhat in Game One of the National League Division Series here was Jay Bruce, whose fourth-inning homer sailed into Barry Bonds country, 432 feet away. Bruce also doubled down the right-field line and scorched a line-out to center.

He wasn't quite as impactful in Game Two on Sunday night – 1-for-5, a double down the right-field line again -- but it was enough to make one wonder what Bruce might do if the Reds' postseason goes deep. He has both the capability and track record to be hot or cold for the entire length of the postseason, even if the Reds were to go to as far as the World Series.

Bruce is rarely anything in between, so he figures to be one or the other.

He did hit an opposite-field fly ball to the warning track Sunday, to deep left-center off Tim Lincecum, a pitch that Bruce didn't hit on the nose, but in typical Bruce fashion, it just kept carrying. That's called power in its purest form, something Reds haven't had in its prime since Adam Dunn.