Given that he possesses a career 23.7 points per game scoring average, it's not bragging when Dwyane Wade assesses his ability to adjust to a new offensive system.

"My game translates anywhere," Wade said.

What may surprise, given his career 3-point shooting percentage of 28.4, is that coach Fred Hoiberg is emphasizing for Wade to pull the trigger on open shots beyond the arc.

"That's a little new for me," Wade said.

Wade did shoot 52.2 percent on 3-pointers during last season's playoffs when defenses stacked to try to take away his driving and slashing game. And his career playoff 3-point percentage is a more respectable 34.2 percent.

"A lot of people have talked about me not shooting 3s, but no one has been able to take away what I wanted to do. So why would I do something else?" Wade said. "When you take it away, I have the ability to knock it down. I'm not Doug McDermott. I'm not Niko (Mirotic). But I'm comfortable with the shot and I'm going to shoot it. I know it's going to be there, so I have a better chance of knocking it down."