Jason Eugene Terry spread his arms late in yesterday’s game, bringing his initials to life.

“It’s been in the hangar for a while, so I had to let that out tonight,” Terry said.

The Celtics probably don’t care much about aviation, except for the fact Terry’s flight of overtime fancy will put them on a plane to New York tomorrow afternoon for a Wednesday Game 5. Mainly, the local basketball outfit is happy that Jason Terry took his clutch playoff resume out for a run yesterday afternoon.

After insisting all season that he’d be there when the postseason bell rang, Terry gave the Celts a reprieve and kept the Knicks from a sweep, scoring the Shamrocks’ last nine points to conjure a 97-90 victory and a 1-3 sliver of playoff life.

“As long as there’s time on the clock, as long as there’s another game, then there’s an opportunity for me to do something special,” Terry said. “That’s just the type of player I am, whether I’ve made every shot or missed every shot. I’ve got the same focus, the same confidence.”

He’d already had nine points and four assists by the end of regulation, but the special didn’t arrive until, in a tie game with 1:32 left in OT, he pulled up on a fast break and launched a 3-pointer that settled into the strings. Carmelo Anthony answered with a jumper, but Terry wasn’t through. He came off a Kevin Garnett pick and beat the 24-second clock with a 13-foot fadeaway.

The diminutive Terry then came up large again after Anthony missed a trey to tie. He was fouled on the rebound by the significantly taller Steve Novak. Terry hit the two free throws for a 95-90 edge with 20 seconds left.

And when Raymond Felton and Anthony clanged late 3’s, Terry ran a post pattern and caught Garnett’s pass for the layup/icing.