Perhaps his 1-for-2 performance on Tuesday night was as painful as it seemed, but you would never know it by Jason Terry's recovery last night.

The Celtics guard, back in the starting lineup after three games in his more familiar role as a sixth man, basked in the increased exposure to Rajon Rondo's playmaking with a 15-point, 6-for-9 performance that included three 3-pointers during the Celtics' 103-91 win over Cleveland.

And that was Doc Rivers' plan. The Celtics coach, who will change his lineup again once Avery Bradley returns, decided that Terry needed more Rondo.

But Terry said he will accept either role.

"At this point in the season, they're trying to find the best unit," he said. "That might not mean the guys who can score it the best, but with Rondo on the floor with myself, the spacing on the floor is a lot better. Obviously they're not going to leave me, and it opens up lanes for Rondo to penetrate.

"If they do, then he can make plays and I can knock down shots," said Terry. "That's what you get with him out there. But either way, I can come off the bench when he's not out there, and then we'll find a way."