Regardless of his feelings for his current team, Jason Terry will always consider Dallas a very special place.

The 35-year-old guard won his only NBA title for the Mavericks in 2011, and was perfectly willing to return this season until owner Mark Cuban decided to strip down the operation in anticipation of bigger free agents down the road.

Unfortunately, the week hasn’t lined up particularly well for Terry. He was dunked on in a colossal way by LeBron James in the Garden, and then had to seethe while the Miami star — not one of Terry’s favorites — started to crow about the feat, ranking the dunk as one of his best.

That bitter karma carried into the Celtics’ 87-86 loss Wednesday night in New Orleans, when a disconcerted Terry didn’t take a shot in the first half, and missed all five of his attempts in the second.

That doesn’t take away from the significance of tonight’s game against the Mavs, which will be Terry’s official return to what remains his home.

“It’s cool. It had to come sooner or later,” he said with the distaste of Wednesday’s performance still fresh. “We’re going to go back, and I guarantee I’m going to be super aggressive and we’ll see what happens.”

That’s the part that Terry couldn’t forget — his inability to get going against a mediocre Hornets team.

“I’m going to be more aggressive,” said Terry. “Any time that I have a game like this one tonight, it’s time to turn up the aggression level. I can’t wait until the third or fourth quarter and think I’m going to get it going. That’s my responsibility, the team’s counting on me, and this one is definitely on me. I have to make up for it.”