Jason Pierre-Paul has come to terms with almost everything involved in the rehabilitation process.

He admitted Thursday that he won’t be 100 percent healthy until next season – he says his surgically repaired back is about 75 percent now – and he knows his coaches weren’t expecting “Super Man” coming into the year.

But if Pierre-Paul had any regrets one might be not addressing the injury sooner. Maybe this season a massive struggle to build himself back into the player he once was could have been avoided altogether.

Maybe he could have gotten back surgery on New Year’s Eve 2012 the day after the Giants were eliminated from the playoff race and breezed through the 12-week recovery process in January and February of 2013.

“The day we didn’t make it to the playoffs the next day I could have gone in and had back surgery” Pierre-Paul told The Star-Ledger on Thursday. “I would have been ready for (this) season you know what I’m saying?”

Pierre-Paul does not fault the Giants for this. He was instructed to strengthen his core which would ease the pain on his back. And for a time it did.

But once the explosive movements returned during OTAs – the quick springs off the line and the double-teams – so did the pain.

“I’m like ‘look I still have time it’s OTAs let me go see a doctor and see what’s going on. The MRI showed the same thing but it’s gotten worse now” Pierre-Paul said. “Now I knew it was time to have surgery get a second opinion about it.”

Coming off what he considers his best game of the season against Minnesota Pierre-Paul is at peace with the uphill climb he’s enduring. Some around him have noted a change in his maturity level both with understanding his physical limitations and dealing with unreasonable expectations.

During a wide-ranging interview yesterday Pierre-Paul conceded that this year’s defense probably isn’t as good as the one he excelled with in 2011 (“Here on this team we’ve got some similarities but it’s not ‘We’re going to be here and you’re not coming this way.’” he said). But he showed no signs of losing confidence.