Everything is new again, even 42-year-old Jason Giambi.

That’s the way Jason Kipnis sees it.

Kipnis, the Indians’ second baseman, views spring training as a fresh start, unconnected to the past. The future is always bright in training camp, no matter how many times a team has stumbled when the schedule turns real in April.

But this time, there might a good reason to forget the Tribe’s pile of 94 losses in 2012. The clubhouse at the Goodyear complex is dotted with players who were not a part of last season, at least not with the Indians.

“There’s more of a purpose in this camp,” Kipnis said. “The guys really believe in the players in this locker room and the potential this team has.”

Kipnis concedes that even if General Manager Chris Antonetti had not acquired Nick Swisher, Drew Stubbs, Mark Reynolds, Brett Myers, Michael Bourn, Mike Aviles and Giambi in the offseason, there would be optimism in the clubhouse.

“It could be the same guys,” Kipnis said. “But we’d be going into a new year. Everything would be 0-0. But bringing in new guys, there’s more excitement about having a great season. What’s not to be excited about?

“It’s always fun to play with different veterans, guys who have played with the Yankees, had different careers, like Giambi, who has done all this stuff.”

All this stuff means getting to the postseason.

Kipnis’ personal goal in 2013?

“The playoffs,” he said. “That’s what every player wants to do. It would be an awesome experience, seeing how far we could go.”